Prosecco DOC


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An Elegant Extra Dry with an amazing fruity bouquet.

A sparkling wine in which the typicality and the tradition emerge net.

An excellent Extra Dry Prosecco, characterized by fruity and floral bouquet with a versatile, gentle and very pleasing perlage.

Excellent as an aperitif, it is a sparkling wine perfect also for all occasions.

Wine Making Process
Harvesting in boxes, de-stemming, cooling the grapes to 8 degrees Celsius, soft pressing, cold clarification of the must, decanting and start the fermentation. Fermentation at 18 degrees for about 20 days, decanting and elevation on the yeast for 3 months. Second fermentation in autoclave with long Charmat metod, with temperature control at 12°C for 60 days.

Alcohol by Vol.
11 %

Serving Temperature

Serving Suggestion
Seafood, shellfish, light pastas, salads, vegetables and appetizers.

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